You have a job to do. Let us take care of the business.

Corporation Set Up

Don’t be fooled by other overpriced web sites. Get the personal attention you deserve with our courteous and professional staff. We DO NOT give you the run around with service. We deliver. We’ll set you up as either an S-Corporation or an an LLC, depending on what best fits your needs.

Corporation Amendments

Changing officers, directors or any other changes to the corporation are required to be registered and recorded with the Florida Secretary of State. We can provide fast & accurate amendment filing to avoid any issues or delays.

Renewal Service

You are required to meet and maintain all local licensing as long as you are advertising, operating or trying to obtain permits in the local municipality. We can assist in keeping you up to date with the State and County license renewals. This valuable service will keep you in compliance with State statutes and Local Code.

Annual Reports

Annual reports need to be filed every year to renew or maintain the active status of a Corporation or LLC.Failure to file accurately or timely will result in a penalty of $400 that cannot be waived and possible reinstatement fees and other penalties that can exceed $900.

Annual Minutes

When a change is made to the structure (IE: Amendments, officer changes, stock purchase or sale) you are required to record these events under the annual or special minutes of the corporation.

Business Tax Registrations & Renewals

If your business is physically located in certain municipality limits (City or County), you are required to obtain a business tax for the City or County—and in some cases both. The Business Tax (a/k/a Occupational License) needs to be renewed every year.

With CRS on board, you focus your energy on building. Permits, tax forms, employment documents—those are our specialty.
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