Florida Contractor Local Licensing Services

In order to obtain your Florida General Contractors license, you must complete several requirements with the state. You must also complete 14 hours of continued education each year in order to maintain an active General Contractors license in the state of Florida.

At Contractor Reporting Services, we offer a Local Licensing Service for our General Contractors in Tampa, Miami, and throughout Florida. Our team of skilled and experienced consultants can help you navigate the requirements to obtain your contractors license in Florida. With our services, you will be able to receive your license in a timely and efficient manner, and will know what to expect to keep your license active.

We understand that between taking the exam and gathering the paperwork for your contractor’s license application, sometimes things can fall through the cracks – things like your insurance requirements or your documented experience. That is why we have focused our Licensing Package entirely on you and making your licensing process and renewal as convenient as possible.

Time is Money – Florida Contractor Licensing Services that Won’t Slow You Down

Every contractor is in a different place in the licensing process. We have designed our services to make sure that you are covered every step of the way. The last thing you need before you start a big project (or if you are in the middle of a project) is to have bureaucratic complications with your license to slow your progress. Time is money, so let us make sure that you don’t waste any time by not having a valid contractors license.

Our Florida Contractors License Services include:

  • Initial Licensing Services. This service will walk you through the licensing process after you pass your exam. We can help you obtain your required insurance and provide documented proof of experience in order to activate your General Contractors license in Florida. Did you know that the state of Florida carries these requirements for General Contractors to receive their license:
    • Applicants must have four years of documented experience in their field of study
    • Applicants must provide a credit report and financial statement less than one year old
    • Applicants must have a net worth of $2,500 – $20,000, depending on contractor classification
    • Applicant must carry a minimum general liability insurance of $300,000 for bodily injury and $50,000 for property damage

Our initial licensing services make sure that you meet those requirements. In the event that one of the requirements cannot be met, we help you find alternative solutions so you can obtain your contractor’s license in Florida in a timely manner.

  • Renewal Licensing Services. When it comes time for you to renew your General Contractors license in Florida, we notify you and take care of all of the renewal applications. We also contact you throughout the year to tell you about upcoming continued education courses, and we keep track of the courses you have taken so we can send in the documentation to the state. The state of Florida requires at least 14 hours of continued education courses every year to keep your license active.

Our Florida Licensing Services also include the following:

  • Transfer/Change of Status
  • Registrations
  • Additional Entities
  • Reinstatement
  • Financial Stability Review and Report
  • Workers Compensation Exemption

If you are ready to start the process to obtain your General Contractors license in Florida, call our office today. We will schedule your appointment with one of our experienced consultants to talk about how we can help you easily and efficiently obtain your Florida General Contractors license.

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